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peacemaker on Why Friberg Have Been Successful in His Career



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Luis Tadeu, known as “peacemaker” coaching for Heroic since December 2018. Since then, friberg should be impressed him with his lifestyle and playing skills. On 18 April, Heroic managed to comeback and win 2-1 versus Devils One. friberg played with 1.33 rating to carry his team and he almost got 25 frags per map. After the result;

Adam “friberg” Friberg said:

“Holy shit what a game. Managed to come back and beat Devils one with 2-1 and we place 2nd place in the group! Gg wp!”

peacemaker replied to friberg:

“True Leader, not a coincidence you’ve been successful your entire career, so proud Adam”

You can check the match from here and you can read the tweets below.

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