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Pengu Explains Why Team Liquid And BDS Can Bring More Than Spacestation Gaming



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One of the greatest players of all time in Rainbow Six Siege, Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, is a 23-year-old retired Danish player who is known for his time with G2 Esports between 2018-2021.

Pengu shared his thoughts about the teams in Six Mexico Major 2021 by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account yesterday.

Right now, Team Liquid, DAMWON Gaming, DarkZero Esports, Team oNe, Spacestation Gaming, Team Empire, BDS Esports, and Furia Esports reached out to the playoffs, which will be starting today.

Even though there are lots of great teams such as Team Empire, Spacestation Gaming, and even the last winners of Six Invitational, Furia Esports, Pengu thinks that they are not favorites to win this tournament.

As Pengu said, Team Liquid and BDS Esports are above all the remaining teams in the Six Mexico Major 2021, and he wishes to see a best-of-five grand final between these two teams. Afterward, Pengu noted that Spacestation Gaming is the closest team to win the trophy besides these two rosters.

According to Pengu, even though Spacestation Gaming has been playing great, he feels like they are playing so simple due to having a new roster. Because of that, he believes that Team Liquid and BDS can bring more to the table.

Pengu on Six Mexico Major playoffs:

“I genuinely believe that Liquid & BDS are a level above the remaining teams at the Mexico Major, and oh boy do I want a bo5 grand final between the two.

Worth noting that SSG is a close third in my opinion. I didn’t wanna involve too many teams in the tweet, but SSG is definitely noteworthy for the top spot.”

Pengu explained why Spacestation Gaming is not the top container for the trophy:

“SSG to me plays a very ‘simple’ yet effective version of siege – they are consistent but rarely flashy or showing much ‘specialty.’ They are new with the roster, they’ve had limited time – I didn’t expect instant domination. I feel like Liquid/BDS can bring more.”

You can check out the post below.

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