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Pengu Is Facing With The Possibility Of Getting Banned Due To Ubisoft’s Statement: “Am I At Risk?”



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Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen is a 22-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for G2 Esports since August 2018. Before that, he was playing for PENTA, and he earned over $300.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

As you might remember, Ubisoft made a new announcement about the smurf accounts and stated that players are not allowed to play with more than one account.

After seeing this, Pengu has shared his opinion about this change and the possibility of getting banned on other accounts. Furthermore, he explained why he is using smurf accounts.

Pengu said that most of the players like him playing on the smurf accounts just to prevent from stream sniping. Also, he stated that Ubisoft needs to clarify the situation and wondered if he is at risk of getting banned.

Here is what Pengu said:

“Ubisoft really needs to clarify the ‘ban of smurfs’ in their TOS. because nobody seems to understand the exact criteria, and most people own smurf accounts, especially pros/streamers due to stream snipe. am I at risk?

I have been saying this for a while, and I don’t wanna sound like a broken record. But why don’t we make ‘dev diaries’ for these kinds of announcements to clarify what they mean and how its going to affect us? a TOS update 5 years after launch is potentially a huge deal.”

His former teammate and Team Vitality player Goga replied:

“My smurf is higher level than my main account Does this mean that my main account is actually my smurf and therefore I’m at risk of getting banned from PL? I don’t want to end up like Doki.”

Famous caster Interro replied:

“I’d hope that by ‘smurfing’ they mean intent. Having a second account to use to combat team killing cheaters, stream sniping, try new Ops, etc, should be fine. Having a second account where you deliberately derank to beat up on worse players? Shouldn’t be fine.”

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