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Pengu Says Rainbow Six Siege Should Bring The Shift-Walking Feature



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Rainbow Six Siege has lots of problems in terms of gameplay and ranked mode, but one of the biggest problems of the game is sound. For at least four years, the sounds are problematic in the game.

The sound is so inconsistent in Siege that even though somebody could walk right next to you, there is a high chance that you couldn’t hear the sound. In fact, crouch-walking is near-impossible to hear in most cases.

If there is a huge gunfight around you and something is blowing up, you can not even hear the enemies who are running towards you. Sometimes, the sounds are even misleading you and this might get yourself killed.

While the community was waiting for Ubisoft to change the sound system in the game, retired Rainbow Six Siege player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen of G2 Esports brought a new idea for this problem.

Pengu mentioned that Ubisoft should add a shift-walking feature, which is a silent walking in CS:GO and Valorant, into the game and said that it would be consistently and purposely silent compared to the crouch walking.

Here is what Pengu said:

“I think it’s time we consider making Shift walking silent in Siege like Valorant/CS:GO.

At least then it would consistently be silent, and not just half the time like current crouch walking is.”

You can check out the post below.

Who Is Pengu And What He Achieved Before His Retirement?

23-year-old Danish player Pengu is considered as one of the best players in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, and most people think that he is the best all-around player in the game. In his career, he only played for PENTA Esports and G2 Esports.

In the first year of his professional Siege career, Pengu managed to win the biggest events in the same year Pro League Year 1 Season 1 – Europe and Pro League Year 1 Season 1 – Finals. However, Pengu and PENTA Esports couldn’t reach out to the finals in the second season.

In the next year, Pengu and his colleagues started to dominate the scene by winning Pro League Year 2 Season 1 – Finals as well as the European finals, and also Pro League Year 2 Season 2 – Finals.

The domination of the European team didn’t slow down in 2018 too. Pengu and PENTA Esports won Six Invitational 2018, and shortly after they joined G2 Esports. In the first tournament with the new jersey, the roster brought the trophy of Six Major Paris 2018.

While finishing at top of Pro League Season 8 – Europe once again, they won the Pro League Season 8 – Finals as well as DreamHack Winter 2018. However, it was a different scenario for G2 Esports in 2019.

After winning the Six Invitational 2019, the downfall started and the most dominant team in the world started to break to pieces. Following the devastating results in the last years, Pengu decided to retire in March 2021 due to burnout problems.

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