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Pengu Shows How Bad The Sounds Are In Rainbow Six Siege



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If you love to play realistic games, and especially if you want it to be an FPS game, Rainbow Six Siege is your best choice to go. However, the game has been suffering from lots of problems for the past three years.

Cheaters, bugs, and many more problems have been affecting the experience of gameplay. But, the most annoying, and also the biggest problem of Rainbow Six Siege is the sounds, which are really important in FPS games.

Currently, Rainbow Six Siege is struggling to find consistencies around the sounds. Rappeling, nading, or even footsteps are masked during the gameplay, and it is really easy to die because of these bugs.

After making some tests, a former professional player who is considered as one of the best players in the game, Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, found out that sound bugs are pretty abusable by the players.

Pengu revealed that these bugs are not happening randomly. In fact, he can create a bug to suppress the sounds of silent dropping from the hatches, vaulting sounds, C4 and grenade releasing sounds.

While he was saying that these bugs have been in the game for a while now, he also pointed out that there should be lots of players who abused this bug to gain advantages over enemies. Also, he stated that some of the players even used the ‘silent-vaulting’ during the Six Invitational.

“After doing some testing I can 100% reproduce silent dropping of hatches, vaulting AND ripping c4/nades,” Pengu said. “Siege sound is actually in shambles this patch, more than ever, it’s not just randomly, it’s 100% reproducible in a forced manner. Prob has for way longer than Ive known.”

Following the tweet, the iconic player also started to share lots of clips where he reproduced these sound bugs over and over again and showed to the community how bad the Siege sounds are right now.

Pengu claimed that there were lots of players from both Europe, North America, and LATAM who sent him messages after he talked about this bug. As Pengu said, these players admitted that they have been abusing this bug for over a year.

“I now have pro players from EU, NA and LATAM all my in my dm’s telling me how they’ve been abusing that bug for a year,” Pengu wrote. “But very few told anyone ( developers, bugfixers etc ) cmon siege people.”

You can check out the videos that Pengu shared to explain the sound bugs below.

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