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Pengu’s Girlfriend RyyFyy Banned For Cheating In Rainbow Six Siege



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One of the most frustrating things about Rainbow Six Siege is playing against the cheaters all the time. In fact, the number of cheaters has risen for the past four years in the game, and the community has been complaining about the problem for so long.

However, Ubisoft couldn’t manage to deal with the cheaters in this period. Moreover, they announced an MMR Rollback system that should have benefit the players who faced the cheaters, but things didn’t go well as expected.

Instead of banning the cheaters who are dominating the high-elo, Ubisoft has been banning the cheaters who lost against the better players, and they even stole the elo players gained by beating the cheater with this new system.

In August, Ubisoft started a new system to detect and ban cheaters. This new system is based on player statistics that could make it easier to identify a cheater who has been putting insane numbers in the game. According to their statement, they are banning the cheaters manually with this system.

But, this system brought up new problems. Ubisoft started to ban the smurf accounts for cheating because they are also having great statistics in lower elos. And recently, Ubisoft banned former G2 Esports legend Pengu’s girlfriend and Twitch streamer RyyFyy.

As Pengu confirmed that Ubisoft banned the smurf account of RyyFyy, he also announced that three of their five-stacks got banned due to having a %100 win rate with their matches with the smurf accounts.

Furthermore, Pengu revealed that either his original or the smurf account has been banned, probably because he is playing on his Pro League IP address, which bot of these accounts are white-listed by the developers.

After content creator BikiniBodhi shared another losing elo moments on Twitter, Pengu said:

“Ranked is in such a bad state that the 11 game win streak today got completely cancelled out.”

One of the fans replied:

“RyyFyy’s smurf got banned so it makes sense that he will lose elo.”

Pengu responded:

“Yes, 3 people in our stack got banned today, neither of whom are cheaters. either ubi manually banned them or the automatic system kicked it due to the 100% win rate its BS either way.”

Another fan asked Pengu:

“Did they ban ur account too?”

Pengu wrote:

“Nope, me and BikiBodhi are both safe. but I’m on my pro-league address ( IP ) so it’s possible we’re both white-listed from automatic systems.”

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