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Penta Announces New Paladins Team With Special Video



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

Penta is Germany based Esport team which is competing games like Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and more. On 3 May 2019, Penta Esports announced their new Paladins team.

One of the newest member of Penta, Eraze said:

“Back to representing PENTA! Feelsgoodman, love this team and organization, let’s go!”

Also Kcruncy said:

“Glad to be representing PENTA! Thanks for the opportunity”

Simsiloo continued to making proud Penta already:

“I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to represent @PENTA_Sports gonna make sure to not disappoint”

You can watch the video and check the tweets from below.

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