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PENTA Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Hungry Wants This Feature To The Game



23-year-old German Rainbow Six Siege player Lucas Reich, known as “Hungry” has been playing for PENTA Esports since July 2018. Before that, he was playing for Mock-it Esports.

On 2 December, Hungry said that the marker that shows the teammates the opponents’ gadgets might have a great impact on the game.

Hungry said:

“Hey what do you guys think about a system to mark defender gadgets as an attacker. For example if you ping a maestro cam it will get visible for like 7 seconds, so your teammate which is holding a flank can better understand where it is.”

Streamer/Youtuber BikiniBodhi replied:

“big yes”

Hungry replied:

“#BeAbleToMarkGadgets So this is how @Rainbow6Game will listen to us”

BikiniBodhi said:

“We need better pings in general. Similiar to Apex.”

Also, G2 Esports player Pengu said:

“please give us nice things like these, we can learn from BR games on this topic”

You can read the tweets below.