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Penta Rainbow Six Siege Player Hungry Doesn’t Like To Changes In Pro League Maps



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Lucas Reich, known as “Hungry” is a German Rainbow Six Siege player who is playing for Penta. 23-year-old player doesn’t seem like happy with map pool changes in Pro League. Ubisoft had shown us reworked Cafe Dostoyevsky and they announced that Cafe will be replacing Oregon.

Hungry said:

“I honestly don’t like that Oregon got replaced with Kafe. New Kafe is really good I like this Map, but why for Oregon? It was the most played map and pretty balanced. They should’ve get rid of Consulate or Border… But I‘m still hyped for the new season. It’s makes no sense to me that teams say oregon is so bad, but every team is still playing it. Ofc it’s getting boring to watch if its the most played map. Let’s take a look on Consulate Ceo bombsite, only two attacks and you got so much windows (Upside down rappels are broken)”

Evil Geniuses Coach Gotcha replied:

“Border is way smaller and allows so little room for creativity as a map. I think border should’ve been scrapped before Oregon for sure”

You can read the tweets below.

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