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PistolaTime Announces That He Leaves eUnited PUBG Team



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Tom Banel, known as “PistolaTime” is a Canadian PUBG player. He had been playing for eUnited since July 2018. On 3 July 2019, he announced that he left eUnited.

PistolaTime said:

“I am no longer with eUnited’s PUBG team. Details aside, thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity this past year. I will now look foward and search for a new team to conquer the battlegrounds: I am open to any offer, have a US visa and have an EU passport for PEL.”

eUnited player TaylorJay replied:

“You’re a beast bro, thanks for molding me into a sick player. Hope to play against u phase 3. Love u man”

PistolaTime said:

“sorry it couldnt work out man, see ya soon I hope.”


“See you soon forsure”

Soniqs Esport player Woo1y replied:

“Best of luck bud, you’ve always had the talent and work ethic to be a top level competitor. Hope you find a good team!”

PistolaTime said:

“Thanks bro, you will never give up, thats something I got a bit from you. I’ll either be watching live or compete against you next phase, best of luck to you and your team.”

Ghost Gaming player Vegas said:

“Nothing but good things to say about you, good luck pistola :)”

PistolaTime replied:

“Thank you Vegas, you gave me this opportunity a year ago I wont let it go to waste so soon. Hope to play against you soon.”

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