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PistolaTime Reveals The Weirdest Mechanic In PUBG



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Tom Banel, known as “PistolaTime” is a Canadian PUBG player who has been playing for Wildcard Gaming for over one month. Before that, he was playing for eUnited. On 18 September, PistolaTime revealed the weirdest mechanic that PUBG has.

PistolaTime said:

“Last weird mechanic is grenades. They do everything: blurs vision by shaking your screen like crazy and making a smoke wall for a second, disable sounds THROUGH walls doesnt matter, deal a insane amount of dmg, arent rare or heavy and you can throw them across Narnia.”

He added:

“Compared to that you have flash that cant be thrown far and work only if thrown PERFECTLY, molotoves that deal a very low amount of dmg, verrrry hard to land outside and are much more rare AND SMOKES that are incredibly usefull but that are very clunky (doesnt work on slopes,etc)”

You can read his tweets below.

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