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PlayerUnknown Announces PUBG Special Projects



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Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, who is creator of PUBG, announced on his Twitter account that PUBG Corp. has  a new focus now. Holland based division gonna try to explore new technologies and tools etc. Also he is stepping down from development part of PUBG Corp and Taeseok Jang gonna be lead the development division.

According to PlayerUnknown:

“Today, I’m exited to announce that my new day-to-day focus will be heading up a new division of PUBG Corp.: PUBG Special Projects.”

“While I’ll remain as a consulting creative director on PUBG, deelopment will be led by Taeseok Jang.”

“We are tasked with exploring, experimenting and creating new technologies, tools, pipelines and gameplay.”

“I can’t wait to start this new journey with a new team in a new city, play some games again and see what the future holds.”

Also you can contact with PUBG Special Projects if you have something to offer them from

You can check the tweet below.

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