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Pokimane Gets An Ace In Valorant While Playing With Valkyrae And Disguised Toast



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Twitch streamer and one of the most-watched content creators in the world, Pokimane, just recently get an insane ace in Valorant and showed off how she swiped up the whole team with Raze.

Pokimane was playing 5-stacks during her stream alongside DisguisedToast and Valkyrae, and they were on the defender’s side on the Split map. When the match was tied up in the end of the fourth round, Pokimane stepped up for her team.

As you can check out the video below, Pokimane got her first kill after she pushed up the garage by spraying down the enemy Omen. This kill also made her ultimate ability, Showstopper, available.

Immediately taking down the Omen, Pokimane used the Showstopper and killed both Phoenix and Reyna in the same place. Afterward, she decided to push the window and threw the nade before she pushes in case something happens.

The explosion also eliminated the Jett who was camping in the window, and Pokimane started to push towards the attacker’s spawn. Although she got a little bit excited and put her abilities in the ground for no reason, Pokimane managed to get the ace by headshotting the enemy Sage.

After she wiped out the whole squad, her teammates started to celebrate this insane moment, and you can see that all of them were hyping up Pokimane for getting an ace. Also, Pokimane reminded her followers that this happened when she tried to learn Raze.

Here is what Pokimane wrote:

“Learning Raze.”

You can check  out the post below.

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