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Professional CS:GO Scene Shows Their Respect To GeT_RiGhT Because Of This Emotional Moments



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In July, there was a rumor that Ninjas In Pyjamas legend GeT_RiGhT could be retired. At the ESL One: Cologne, GeT_RiGhT announced that he is not retiring and gonna play for NIP at least until the major. These emotional moments from GeT_RiGhT shocked the professional scene and they reacted.

Caster moses said:

“You’ve made me cry you son of a bitch @GeT_RiGhT”

Analyst thorin said:

“Legend. Champion. Competitor. @GeT_RiGhT”

Former player Pimp said:

“I used to hate Grt_Right. He has beaten the shit out of me so many times. I was supposed to win stuff, I was 18 years old, and in the best shape ever. Get_right denied me, cause he was simply miles a head. He got my full respect, congratulations on a great career, it ain’t over!”

Caster Sadokist said:

“It’s very rare I let my emotions show publicly, but even I couldn’t help it. @GeT_RiGhT was one of the first people to welcome and befriend me in esports. He backed me for xgames and PGL. He is a legendary player, and an even better person”

Former player Maniac said:

“You were, are, and always will be a Legend @GeT_RiGhT. I hope your story will go on but for everything you’ve done up to this point, as a player, for CS:GO and as a friend… thank you”

MIBR player TACO said:

“I used to be his fan back in the days. Now I’m his friend, but nothing changed, I’m still his fan. Count always on me Getinho @GeT_RiGhT. Love you!”

G2 Esports player KennyS:

“I never stopped learning from you big brother. The greatest example I can get in my career.”

One tap machine ScreaM said:

“Damn right in the feels. You’ll always be a legend and always have my support”

You can watch the interview and check the tweets below.


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