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Professional Player Noted Reveals What Apex Legends Is Doing Wrong



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Vinícius Mancinni, known as “Noted” is a Brazilian Apex Legends player who had played for Cloud9 Brazil and Quasar Generation Red. Currently, he is looking for a team. On 22 October, Noted revealed what Apex Legends doing wrong for the good of the community.

Noted said:

“It would be so productive if @PlayApex could listen to the community “quicker” everyone literally is complaining about the charge rifle, just simply block the gun until the next update. The disruptor took 2-3 months to disappear now is the charge rifle.”

He added:

“I wonder if this isn’t a strat to make people complain about something, like fortnite with ballers, and mechs.. Then they took it off and everyone loves the game again.”

You can read his tweets below.

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