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Professional Players Reveals The Only One Problem Of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation North Star



Ubisoft has been trying to make Rainbow Six Siege a fresh game while making major changes on every season as well as announcing the new operation, featuring a new operator. Most of the time, the developers are being criticized for the changes they make.

However, Ubisoft has been making great changes for the past two years on both competitive and casual levels of gameplay. As they removed lots of utility and changed the meta back in Operation Neon Dawn, they have made yet another great announcement for the scene.

While Operation North Star and its new operator Thunderbird are getting introduced to the scene, most of the people looked out for the balancing changes, and they have like what Ubisoft did so far.

Thunderbird will be the new operator that has the Kona Station gadget, which heals her allies.

Unfortunate, there is only one downside that Ubisoft has added to the game. Right now, you can only be able to see through drones and pass information to your teammates. But, this could change in the next season.

According to the announcement, players now can use drones and cameras while being dead like they never died, and this update brought lots of questions about this decision. As so many players mentioned, this will reduce the skill gap in the game and there will be no punishment for dying.

But, Ubisoft might not add this feature into the live servers. The new changes will be tested out on the test server, and they will be arranged up according to the feedback they receive from the players.

“I really have nothing negative also to say about the reveal of the next season, I like it all still apart from being able to drone after death,” G2 Esports player Kantoraketti shares his thoughts. “I’ll add that yes i know that the droning isn’t in this next season, but I just don’t think it belongs in the game.”

Soniqs player Seth “supr” Hoffman is also against the droning changes as well as Kantoraketti. “Big fan of the majority of these changes but the drone after death ability is one of the worst ideas to ever hit Rainbow.”

Former G2 Esports player Pengu explains why it could be problematic for the scene. “I personally think being able to move drones on attack is fine,” Pengu said. “But the idea that echo/maestro can fully interact with their gadget from the grave DOES seem a bit over the top. Let’s hop on the test server to provide feedback for the team!”

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