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Professional PUBG Player SmaK Smashes Esport Community



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American PUBG player Austin “SmaK” Haggett had played for TeamSoloMid for 4 months. Currently, he is part of the TSM but not playing PUBG for the team as professional. On 19 May, while PUBG Pro League goes on, he was pissed off because of the community’s unrespectful actions.

SmaK said:

“So crazy to me that esports has become so all or nothing. Win it all or you’re shit. Fans and sometimes even casters totally forgetting they are literally one of the best teams IN THE WORLD at their respective game. Support and be proud of your teams achievements! Players with that true competitive drive will only be satisfied with even first for a short time anyway. The grind to be the best never stops. Leave that all or nothing mindset to those guys. It keeps them motivated.”

He continued:

“One example I can think that has stuck with me is when a PUBG caster said a top five finish for one team out of the twenty best teams in the world was “extremely disappointing.” Especially in crazy random BR games, what a fucking clueless statement. Those guys are rockstars.”

Caster Wolf Schroder replied:

“It’s always important for casters and fans to remembers teams’ legacies. In modern esports we forget what some players have achieved over years in favor of judging their last 24 hours. Criticism of form is always fair, but not at the expense of tearing anyone down.”

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