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Professional PUBG Player Woo1y Wants This CS:GO Feature To PUBG



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Seth Little, known as “Woo1y” is into a professional PUBG scene for almost 1 year. In May 2019, he joined Susquehanna Soniqs. On 22 May, Woo1y doesn’t seem like satisfied by PUBG for the updates. He wants downloadable match files to watch.

Woo1y said:

“Would be really cool if PUBG had official downloadable replay files of official pro league matches where you can see from any player’s POV, similar to CSGO.”

Also Moon Wolf Player Resu said:

“Cant even watch my own replays from PELC right now”

Ghost Gaming player Shrimzy replied:

“They would need 64 POV’s though which would be difficult.”

You can check his tweet from below.

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