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Professional Rainbow Six Siege Player Ferral Retires Due To The Current Status Of The Game



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20-year-old British Rainbow Six Siege player Daniel “Ferral” Rotheram had been playing for Team Secret in between June 2019-March 2020. Before that, he was an analyst for G2 Esports.

Ferral has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and announced his retirement. He explained his reason by saying that this game is not enjoyable anymore, and it is not the same game compared to two years ago.

Here is what Ferral said:

“I’m quitting/retiring from siege competitve forever. Lost all my drive and passion to play the game over the past few months with how terrible the game is to play right now. For me now, I just got accepted into university to study computer forensics.

This was always my backup plan for if my career ever failed. I’ve been playing siege for 5 years now from ranked hero to analyst to player. The game 2 years ago isn’t the same game you play now.”

He added:

“I’ve made friends for life and experiences I’ll never forget. It was fun whilst it lasted and siege will always be one of the best games I’ve ever played.”

You can read his tweets below.

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