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Professional Rainbow Six Siege Scene Reacts To The New Wild West Game Mode



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On 2 July, Ubisoft has launched a new game mode to Rainbow Six Siege. This map and mode is a wild west 3v3 limited-time event for the players. After this news, professional players reacted fast.

G2 Esports player Pengu said:

“New game mode is super fun, the only downside that I see is that the lighting is super wacky, but good fun & something more fast phased and different, I went at it for two hours & it was content filled and fun. I do wish we could get more packs via challenges but mby later.”

T3H Esports player Lacky said:

“Man this cowboy game mode is crazy, we’ve seen nothing like it in Siege and I love it. Super interesting, engaging and games are short so there isn’t a huge commitment.”

Team GamerLegion coach morxzas said:

“The new mode is great, but it also shows, if ubisoft wants, they can make small fast maps with 3vs3. Why don’t we get a map for DM or to warmup? It’s been 4 years…”

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