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PUBG Might Broke The Sounds Of The Game – Professional Players Discusses



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After an update from PUBG on 26 June, players started to notice weird sound bugs all over the game. Some of the players said that people and guns can not be heard really well when this problem happens.

WackyJacky said:

“Just had two rounds in where people were MUCH closer than I could hear. Sound feels different after patch – or is it just me?”

He continued:

“The amount of testimonies regarding this and the overall consensus that something did change is overwhelming. …Something did change! But what specifically?”

chocoTaco replied:

“Yes something is different. People are quieter. Mentioned this in the first 10 minutes of playing, although I think I’m used to it already.”

Ghost Gaming player Miccoy said:

“Honestly sound in pubg has always been bad thats the biggest complaint from me”

Team SoloMid player mykLe replied:

“100% feels different”

Another Ghost player BALLOC said:

“Its definently worse now after the update”

You can check the tweets below.

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