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PUBG Mobile Prime And Prime Plus Announced



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Before the week, PUBG Mobile’s producer Tencent made a partnership with Razer to improve mobile games. Prime subscriptions are officially announced.

Prime is offered in two types of subscriptions and we have two different Prime fees. The first is the $ 0.99 per month version and the other is the $ 9.99 Prime Plus version. With the Prime subscription, players can buy 5 Unknown Coins daily. You can also shop using Battle Points.

In the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription, players receive the day-to-day Unknown Coin. Also with this membership, players can receive daily discounts for items and spoils. In addition, it earns 10 RP per day.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus membership is available for $ 4.99 this month. Then the subscription will cost $ 9.99. Players can buy both packages if they want.