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PUBG Player DrasseL Says Nothing Feels Greater Than This



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Cedrik Lessard, known as “DrasseL” is a Canadian PUBG player who has been representing Ghost Gaming since December 2018. In December 2019, Ghost Gaming left the PUBG scene and DrasseL stayed in the organization as a content creator.

On 26 December, he said that nothing feels greater than gifting back to good people. Also, he revealed the players that have a good heart.

DrasseL said:

“Nothing feels greater than gifting back to genuine good people. Some of them deserve it so much. Twitch can be a hard game to break through.”

He added:

“@woo1y @lilyadores @_ashleykan @hwinnfps @Chuntwitch You guys are amazing people and deserve all the subs in the world. Genuine good people.”

woo1y replied:

“I love you bro you are one of the most genuine friends ever <3 Going to give you a big wooly hug next time I see you”

You can check the tweets below.

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