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PUBG Player Jeemzz Explains Why They Have Been Representing Team Liquid For Over Three Years



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Jim Eliassen, known as “Jeemzz,” is a 24-year-old Norwegian PUBG player who has been playing for Team Liquid since January 2018. In his career, he earned over $200.000 from the tournaments.

Jeemzz spoke in a recent interview with Inven Global and he was asked the secret behind their long-time relationship with Team Liquid while other players changing teams frequently.

Jeemzz mentioned that the most important thing is playing with the people who you want to play with because otherwise, it won’t work on long term. In this way, he showed the importance of being friends with your teammates and the staff.

Interviewer asked:

“Players tend to move around a lot in PUBG esports, especially in Korea. But you two have stayed in Team Liquid for three years. How did you stay on one team for so long?”

Jeemzz replied:

“That’s a good question. I was asked this question a few days ago. It’s kind of a hard one to answer. I guess we just have really good friends. I think the most important part of having a team is that you want to play with the people you’re playing with. So if you get along well together, you should be playing with those people you get along together with.”

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