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PUBG Player Kaymind Reveals The Secret For Enjoying The Game



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Thierry Kaltenback, known as “Kaymind” is a Canadian PUBG player who was playing for Cloud9. Since August 2019, he has been playing for Genesis. On 19 November, he replied to the caster Moses’s tweet and revealed how to enjoy the game.

Streamer AnneMunition:

“One of the most isolating parts of streaming isn’t just the staying inside and gaming all day – it’s that you truly can’t know who honestly wants to be your friend and who just wants to be on your stream. Feels like lately most people are in the latter category.”

Moses said:

“This is is another big part of a complex equation. I genuinely want to be friends with peers who are streamers of various sizes and I imagine this is the thought everyone has.”

Kaymind replied:

“Just play with people you enjoy playing with and don’t worry about the rest is what I do, because there’s just no way to know for sure until you feel it. Once you feel it you won’t enjoy playing with them anymore, problem solved.”

Moses replied:

“We played together one time and then you moved to Europe so I’m not sure how to handle this”


“I didn’t even think about this when I wrote that tweet”

You can check the tweets below.

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