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PUBG Player Nerf Is Concerned About The Future



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Ben Wheeler, known as “Nerf” is an American PUBG player who was playing for Cloud9 since August 2018. Currently, he is representing Genesis Esports for over four months. In his career, he almost earned $100.000 from the tournaments.

On 18 December, he said that he is really concerned about the PUBG’s future and also can’t wait for the compete.

Nerf said:

“Very anxious to see how PUBG 2020 plays out. Still excited just to play comp again though”

A fan named Sneakyp replied:

“Doesn’t seem like its going to be super easy to follow as a fan of competitive PUBG.”

Nerf replied:

“I would agree to that”

Content creator Frolicer replied:

“I cant wait to have variety again, leagues were super cool but open comp tournies were always super spicy and fun.”

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