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PUBG Player Packs Reveals Why He Is So Afraid Of 2020



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Austin Thomas McWethy, known as “Packs” is an American PUBG player who has been playing for Lowkey Esports since 11 May 2019. Before that, he was playing for Elevate.

On 21 December, he said that he is seeing a lot of videos about the cheaters in the qualifiers and that why he is so afraid of the upcoming year.

Packs said:

“I am actually so scared for 2020 online PUBG quals with all of these cheater videos coming out @PUBG please do something”

Streamer Ninjadude replied:

“i wonder if maybe moving the quals to an event server with a more extensive anti-cheat system could fix this problem? You would have to download a fairly large anti-cheat update a week prior as well.”

Packs said:

“It will still be brutal, It happened before but I can’t remember if the past quals have been online or on event server”

Ninjadude said:

“eek dude, really sucks. hopefully they pay ex-pros and some staff from gll or something to look over gameplay and make sure there’s no hackers this time”

Packs replied:

“Yeah there is not enough time to go through each case and for the investigation to happen”


“i mean if someone were to report it i mean? even if they just got as many as they could, especially the ones everyone reports”


“Yeah but it takes 2+ weeks for Corp to look into it”

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