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PUBG Player PistolaTime Becomes A Coach



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24-year-old Canadian PUBG player Tom Banel, known as “PistolaTime,” had played for eUnited and Wildcard Gaming. In his career, he only earned $5.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, PistolaTime announced that he retired from the scene as a player and become the coach for Team Entropiq.

Here is what PistolaTime wrote:

“After much consideration, I decided to transition to a coach position and I could not be more confident with these guys @doublepubg @HawkiPUBG @Kejdoranpubg @BeardoRedgie

I want to thank all my past teammates; I would not be here without all of them. Hyped for the future!”

Famous commentator Esquire replied:

“Hell yeah man! Good luck in this new role 💪🏼”

Another coach Didz replied:

“Grats and good luck Tom 👍”

You can check his tweet below.

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