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PUBG Player PistolaTime Reveals The Tip That Makes You Better



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Tom Banel, known as “PistolaTime” is a Canadian player who had played for eUnited between 2018-2019. Currently, he is looking for an organization. On 17 July, he said that working harder and harder, becoming a positive person and also making goals for your life will make you better.

PistolaTime said:

“When things don’t work out, work. If they still don’t work out, work more. If they still don’t work out, work more and more efficiently. Work toward working better. Very important. Always have a clear goal. Bunch of very small goals towards small ones toward a bigger one.”

He added:

“Goals can be as small as: every time I die I want to stay positive. So do it, one day, all games you just think about one thing when you play. When I die, I won’t be mad. POOF you just became the most positive player on your team. And that brings you a lot farther than yesterday and tomorrow you do the same but with something else and if it takes more than one day take a whole week. Then move to the next goal. After a month, 2 months, a year BAM you are the best player in your region. And the grind never stops”

PistolaTime continued:

“When you see the top fragger in your region, the best League player or soccer player, dont you dare think he has talent. He simply worked out more tiny goals than you did, and maybe faster than you did. But it does not mean you can’t keep up, it means you gotta start RIGHT NOW.”

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