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PUBG Player PistolaTime Says Weapons Are Unbalanced



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Tom Banel, known as “PistolaTime,” is a Canadian PUBG player who was playing for eUnited in between 2018-2019. Currently, he has been representing Wildcard Gaming.

Yesterday, he shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his thoughts about the guns in PUBG. PistolaTime stated that M416 is overpowered compared to the other weapons.

Here is what PistolaTime said:

“PUBG is really bad at giving gun options to players. Everything is bad compared to M4 (most accurate and reliable gun as of yet). It’s either you make guns on the M4 level, or you nerf M4 to the ground. If not PUBG will be doomed in the same gun meta (unless new op gun comes out)”

Another player PAT_KAPS replied:

“The only way to change that would be to make all the ARs have very similar recoil, DPS, and ammo weight. They would have to give all the ARs grip and stock slots too. Only then would AR choice come down to which gun you think looks/sounds cooler.”

Famous caster Paperthin replied:

“To be fair, almost every FPS ever has had “one gun to rule them all”. At the end of the day, gun balance is near impossible without doing PAT_KAPS is talking about. Just making them all function the same but have different looks.”

You can check the tweets below.

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