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PUBG Player Shadow1k Announces That He Left Team Vitality



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Yoan Lingrand, known as “Shadow1k ” is a French PUBG player who had been playing for Team Vitality since 2017. On 28 July, he made a statement and said that they couldn’t progress for 2 years and this is why he left Team Vitality.

Shadow1k said:

“everything has its end. Like you know, the team went through different issues. We’ve tried a lot of strategies: we changed rosters, positions, but none of that worked. I don’t want to go in detail about all the bullshit we’ve faced recently.
Krama said most of it. During the relegation phase, we never gave up, even if we felt betrayed by one of ours, even if we felt we were playing as 3. And I’m proud of Krama & Nasus for it.
We did our job while remaining professional as best we could.”

Shadow1k added:

“Thanks to Krama, Nasus & Sahra. Thanks to Vitality for the support along those years. And last, but not least, I thank our fans, who have always supported us, no matter what.”

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