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PUBG Players Discussion About The Prize Money



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Woo1y is a professional PUBG player for Soniqs Esport. On 29 May, he tweeted about the tournaments and prize money pool in the PUBG. He wanted the see that money was hand out other teams for blocking the fights between players and the teams.

Woo1y said:

“Giving every team something to play for with prize money 1-16 or $ per win would fix the fist fight issue and teams messing around / hot dropping other teams because there is nothing to gain by playing. Prize money needs to run 15 teams deep in any tournament.”

Ghost player BALLOC said:

“Top4 gets purse and you get a bonus for winning a round, fuck having all teams get participation money”

Rumblers player Microfry replied:

“Agreed, also the prize money between 1st and 2nd is too big of a gap”

BALLOC replied:

“Im all for the 50/30/10/10. Should be top heavy. But thats my opinion”

Streamer Spark said:

“I mean, you get paid to show up. Why can’t the bottom tier teams? Their time is just as valuable as yours. Scale it exponentially, and there’s an incentive to play for not being last. You don’t have a show without the players participating in the league in the first place.”

FaZE player Fuzzface replied:

“No he does not get paid to “show up” get paid to do a job and the compensation is based on how good he is at his job. If you play for an org you have salary, prizemoney is bonus for doing well, 16/16 is not doing well and should not be rewarded.”


“You guys have a fair point, still should be a bounty on every game so teams are always playing to win imo.”


“This we agree on, however how likely is the 16th place team to get a win, they are 16 for a reason. Would it really make them supertryhard in a last game out of 6? Imo only if the bounty is really big, wich takes away from the actual pricepool for the teams that does best.”


“A good win will put you in the top 10 or so for most bo6 events, maybe teams would have more to play for if more than say, top 5 or 6 earned prize money but perhaps not all the way down. Possibly top 8 or 10. Still also doesn’t prevent teams from trolling later in group stages.”


“Qualification systems in Pubg with that many teams in every lobby is a mess, think we can all agree on that lol”

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