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Quantic Dream’s David Cage Makes A Crucial Next-Gen Gaming Announcement



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The famous and well-known director of games like Detroit: Become Human, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, David Cage had a recent interview with GameSpot and revealed that the future of the next-generation gaming’s graphic quality depends on the lightning technology, not the resolution.

Here is what David Cage told GameSpot:

“Now, game after game, you know that technology evolves and new platforms arrive, and you want to boost the realism further. And we were talking about photorealism for years in the industry, and game after game, we are trying to get closer.”

He continued:

“I think that lighting is going to be a key thing. There is this new technology called ray tracing that we talk a lot about these days. I think this is going to be interesting because it will allow improving reflections, lighting, shadows. And I think that’s a big deal.

For years, I mean, the amount of polygons you could display was key, then it became the shaders and then textures, and now I think it’s all about the lighting, and the more subtle and nuanced the lighting will be, the better the image will be.”

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