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Rainbow Six Pro Player Liven Thinks That Rainbow Isn’t Ready For Competitive League



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During the match between XTreme Video Esport and Team Vitality, some bugs showed up.  According to Liven, players got crashed when they throw c4, no sounds for crouching, players stucked another body etc. And game took 1.5 hours to end.

22 year old French player Liven said:

“Pretty much nothing to say about Vitality match, they played better than us. On the end match we did some mistakes aswell. BUT can we talk about the game state for a second ? 4 CRACHES due to game issue. Throwing C4 making players crashes. No sound with Hibana.”

“No sound with crouch. Observator getting wrong 2 times about the score during rehost. 1H30 hour for ONE game. New bug : 1 players getting stuck in another one boddy. So, yeah i don’t want to complain but i will do it this time (only this time i hope).”

“DO NOT LAUNCH A COMPETITIVE LEAGUE WHEN THE GAME IS NOT READY TO ! You REMOVE 6 pick this is a MASSIVE issue has a proplayer. The sound is not working, the perspective are full of bug, the hitreg… Nothing much to say, it’s a GG, but it’s also a DESESPERATe call.”

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