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Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro: “Client-Side Bodies Need To Be Removed”



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One of the greatest talents in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, Parker “Interro” Mackay, is a 30-year-old Canadian caster who casted the top-tier tournaments like Six Invitational and Pro League Finals for over years.

Interro took his official Twitter account to share a new post and wanted share his opinion about the dead bodies in the game, which can block the bullets and creates frustration.

In the tweet, Interro stated that Ubisoft needs to remove this feature by de-spawning the bodies within 10 seconds and showed the operator icon on the scoreboard. In this way, they can prevent unwanted and unfair gunfights to come to an end.

Here is what Interro said:

“Client-side bodies need to be removed from R6. Please. Despawn the body within 10 seconds. Leave their weapons on the ground. Reveal their operator icon on the scoreboard.”

You can check out the post below.

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