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Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro On Pengu’s Retirement: “Greatest Player To Ever Play Rainbow Six Siege”



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Parker Mackay, known as “Interro,” is a 30-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege caster who has been attending top-tier tournaments like Pro League Finals and Six Invitational for over years.

Yesterday, G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege player Pengu announced his retirement and shocked the community with this decision. Interro is also one of the people who wrote their thoughts about this decision on social media.

Interro stated that Pengu retired as the greatest player to ever touched Rainbow Six Siege and praised his talent. While saying that there is no one better than him, Interro also said that it was a pleasure for him to watch and cast his games.

Here is what Interro said:

“Pengu retires as the greatest player to ever play Rainbow 6 Siege. In my mind there’s no one better. It’s been an extraordinary pleasure getting to watch and cast your matches over the past 4 years, Pengu, and wish you nothing but the best in the next chapter of your life.”

You can check out the post below.

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