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Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro Reveals Why Caveira Is Actually Overpowered



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Parker Mackay, known as “Interro,” is a 29-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege caster who has been working under ESL brand for over two and a half years. In his career, he worked for the tournaments like Six Invitational 2020, Pro League Season 10 Finals, and more.

Interro has replied to a fan account on Twitter and revealed why Caveira is actually overpowered in the lower ranks like gold/silver.

He stated that low-ranked players have bad communication, poor game sense, and bad mechanical skill problems, and Caveira abuses all these issues. Because of that, low-tier players thinks that she is overpowered.

A fan user named Shbz wrote:

“Found a GodlyNoob hater lmao. A lot of mfs in gold and below think Caveria is OP. It blows my mind.”

Interro replied:

“Little-to-no communication; poor game sense; and bad mechanical skill are the reasons why people are in low Gold and below. Cav exploits all 3 of those weaknesses. That’s why low ranks think she’s overpowered.”

Another fan named Alex replied:

“I ban Caveira every chance I get, and it has nothing to do with her being OP (she’s not) i just play with one friend and we typically only voice chat with each other. So I don’t trust the other 3 to not be dumb fucks. If my friend and I see a Caveira, we hunt, no problem. She’s really weak.”

You can read the tweets below.

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