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Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro Shares His Opinion About How To Balance The Meta



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Parker Mackay, known as “Interro,” is a 30-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege caster who is considered one of the best casters in the scene. For over years, he has worked for the best tournaments in the game.

Interro took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his opinion about how to change the new utility-based meta with simple changes.

Right now, Rainbow Six Siege meta is so much utility-based that most of the players are complaining about the current state of the game, which makes them to clear utilities until the 30 seconds left, and they called this meta as 30-second meta.

Interro claimed that removing the deployable shields from the high utility operators like Wamai and Smoke and giving them to the much weaker operators would be so much better for the current meta.

Here is what Interro said:

“Removing Deployable Shields from meta-heavy Ops like Wamai and Smoke would be a great change for the game.

I’m not a fan of the changed to shields but if they’re going to stay in the game then they should be on weaker/underpicked Operators.”

You can read the tweet below.

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