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Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro: “The Game Feels Off In The New Season”



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Parker “Interro” Mackay is a 30-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege caster who is considered one of the best talents in the community. Since the beginning, he has been casting the top-tier tournaments.

Yesterday, Interro took his official Twitter account to share a new post and wanted to reveal his thoughts about the new season, Operation Crimson Heist.

Even though Interro mentioned that he pretty liked the new meta in this season, he also pointed out that the game feels so different and frustrating this season because he died to the people he couldn’t see more than ever.

Here is what Interro said:

“I love where R6’s meta is right now but does the game just feel “off” to anyone else? I feel like I’ve died to people I can’t see more this season than any ever before. Hit reg & perspective seem worse than ever while most killcams show people missing shots yet getting the kill.

I’ve never really felt a difference like other players have but this season feels very weird. I can’t explain it but it’s exceptionally frustrating.”

You can check out the post below.

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