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Rainbow Six Siege Coach/Analyst Jess Makes A Sad Announcement For The Scene: “I Hope Somebody Pick Him Up”



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Jessica Bolden, known as “Jess,” is a 24-year-old Australian Rainbow Six Siege coach and analysts who had worked for PENTA Esports and Samsung Morning Starts. Also, she was an analyst for the Six Invitational 2020.

As you might remember, Team Secret disbanded their Rainbow Six Siege roster and released every member of the team.

After seeing this, Jess shared a new tweet on her official Twitter account and stated that former Team Secret coach Louis “Helbee” Bureau is such a viable coach for the teams. Furthermore, she said that it would be awful for the scene if Helbee won’t be picked up.

Here is what Jess said:

“A whizz with numbers and a keen analytical eye for the game. I cannot think of anyone worth your investment the way that Helbee is. Kind, hard-working, and multi-lingual (FR/EN). If this man stays a free agent this will be a very sad moment for the scene.”

Helbee replied:

“Appreciate the words Jess.”

Jess replied:

“Don’t give up! You were always kind to me and followed your players around every event with a smile. That kind of positive impact could help a LOT of teams at the moment.”

You can read the tweets below.

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