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Rainbow Six Siege Coach BKN Announces That He Finds A New Bug



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29-year-old Rainbow Six Siege coach Jordan “BKN” Soojian who had coached for teams like SK Gaming, Evil Geniuses, PENTA and many more. Since November 2018, he has been coaching for DarkZero Esports. On 24 July, he announced that he found a new bug which is all about Jager’s gadget Active Defence System.

BKN said:

“Please tell me I’m not crazy. Did ADS’ used to zap defender utility as well as attacker utility? This is an OG question. My boys are laughing at me. I need this settled. I’m about to be embarrassed I already know.”

BKN added:

“OK, confirmed a bug. Still embarrassed. Off Twitter for a week”

You can check his tweets below.

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