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Rainbow Six Siege Coach BKN Reveals The Worst Part Of Challenger League



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Jordan Soojian, known as “BKN” is a 29-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege coach who has been working for DarkZero Esport since November 2018. Before that, he had worked for teams like PENTA Esports, Continuum, Evil Geniuses and many more.

On 18 December, he said that Challenger League needs stabilization.

BKN said:

“The best way for people to look at the new changes is that Challenger League will act as a farm system for Pro League. It stabilizes CL so players are less inclined to team swap and actually improve their team and self.”

Player llevron replied:

“I’m mainly concerned that there will be seemingly no way for a team to make pro league, just individuals. And as we know, current na pl teams have a reputation of just shuffling players. Also it will be ash mains primarily being promoted to PL, as fragging is much more noticable”

BKN replied:

“Outside of european soccer there aren’t any leagues that promote whole teams. You play at the lower level and if you’re good enough, people will notice. Orgs will also seek to create academy teams to develop talent. Very few leagues promote whole teams at the highest level.”

llevron said:

“That seems so odd to me cuz siege has always been about making PL as a team….. we’ll see how this new system turns out but im probably screwed cuz I have a big mouth so most of pl doesn’t like me”

BKN said:

“Earn your big mouth. That’s how life works.”

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