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Rainbow Six Siege Coach BKN Says This Feature Should Removed



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Jordan Soojian, known as “BKN,” is a former Rainbow Six Siege player and currently a coach who has been working for DarkZero Esports since November 2018. Before that, he had worked for teams like Evil Geniuses, SK Gaming, and Continuum.

On 10th January 2020, he said that the 6th pick feature should have removed from the game.

BKN said:

“Kinda wish Siege dropped the reveal and 6th pick phase from comp play. This is a hot take but I genuinely believe the game would be more interesting if a teams comp wasn’t revealed to the other team. Also hard to argue that it has enough of an effect on round wins and losses”

He added:

“Side note is that I think it would diversify strategy by quite a bit.”

G2 Esports coach Sua replied:

“Really have a 50/50 opinion about that. On the one hand I love to read and interpret 6th pick behavior, but on the other hand it maybe helped by a small margin. It would shift the meta quite a bit towards the defender side and more towards reading opponents In Game.”

You can check the tweets below.

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