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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Gotcha Reveals His Opinion About The New Operator: Wamai



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American Rainbow Six Siege coach Aaron Chung, known as “Gotcha” has been coaching for Team SoloMid since September 2019. Before that, he was working for Evil Geniuses. On 12 November, he shared his opinion about the new defender in Rainbow Six Siege: Wamai.

Gotcha said:

“Initial impression of Wamai: . Him having potentially 5 charges + shield is a ridiculous amount of utility to burn in conjunction with Jager ADS. Shield should be taken away 100% and maybe 1-2 less magnets. Also, might be a good idea to make the the magnets make some noise.”

He added:

“Currently, you can run Goyo with 3 shields, Jager with 3 ADS, Wamai with a shield and 5 magnets, Maestro with two bulletproofs and barb, and Smoke with a shield on defence. How in the world are you supposed to destroy that much utility?”

You can read his tweets below.

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