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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Jess Gives An Untold Tip For Upcoming Coaches



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One of the greatest analysts and coaches in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, Jessica “Jess” Bolden had worked for teams like PENTA Esports and Samsung Morning Stars. Currently, she is looking for a team to lead.

A few days ago, Jess shared an untold secret to being a better coach and analyst. She mentioned that every detail is important for the game.

Here is what she wrote:

“Another discussion point: If you want to be a high level analyst/coach, then you need to be able to come up with counters or strategies/purposes for ALL operators. I don’t care how “bad” they are. The most analytical minds in this game are meant to be able to do this.”

Jess added:

“For example: If I had a player who desperately wanted to bring Tachanka into a strategy, I would need to think of using a shield to hide his legs. A reinforcement behind to protect his back. Electrifying both to avoid destruction, and/ADS placement. It can always be done.”

You can read her tweets below.

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