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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Jess Is Pissed Because Of This Bizarre Reason



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One of the most unique coaches in the Rainbow Six Siege scene is Jessica “Jess” Bolden. She is a 24-year-old Australian coach who had worked for PENTA Esports and Samsung Morning Starts. Currently, she is streaming while she is waiting for a team to lead.

On 28 December, she replied to a Challenger League player Tomas and said that people are always talking their backs and this is a so shameful act.

Tomas said:

“Tired of people coming at my neck when damn well they are fked up. I was humiliated on teams and my mouth was kept shut. I was called fat, made fun on my race, called dogshit on past teams to my face and then people want me to be quiet. I tried to go my own route but it followed.”

He added:

“I’m just sick of lies in total. I havent played siege or streamed in a week because of lies and this shit getting to me. I’ve always want to make a career out of gaming and I did. I’ve stayed quiet on shit that can ruin ppls career. I won’t let anyone ruin mine and that’s a fact.”

Jess replied:

“This shit I’ve heard team mates say and do behind their other teammates backs is horrible. I, too, kept my mouth shut and probably always will. I’ve never found team environments felt like “actual workplaces” with the way some people talk to each other… What a shame.”

You can check the tweets below.

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