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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Jess Leaves The Samsung Morning Stars



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24-year-old Australian Rainbow Six Siege coach Jessica Bolden, known as “Jess” had been working for Samsung Morning Stars since October 2019. Before that, she was working for PENTA Esports.

On 18 December, she announced that she will be leaving Italy and the Samsung Morning Stars.

Jess said:

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce that due to unforeseen visa issues for 2020, I am unable to continue with the Samsung MorningStars. I am not an EU resident/citizen, so it has always been difficult for me to gain visas that allow me to stay in EU countries… So after the valiant effort of my managers at SMS and myself to gain a visa, it looks like I will be heading back to Australia in January and looking at other offers/opportunities elsewhere. Some will ask whether I could coach them online, but SMS operates from a gaming house, so a live in coach is necessary for their structure, which I think is an awesome set up! I want to take a moment to give a serious shout-out to Samsung for investing so heavily in the T2.5/3 scene… It was very humbling to work at such a foundational level”

She continued:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Samsung and the team. The growth of these players and helping them make their national finals was a seriously proud part of my esports career. It was extremely rewarding to work with such young players, and really gave me the opportunity to use my mental coaching training and leadership skills to their fullest! I can’t rate the players highly enough, especially for letting me teach them an ENTIRE map pool of new strategies (shout-out to Voy for helping with Kafe!), within a mere MONTH. Their determination, ability to take feedback, implement solutions and the respect they showed me was UNREAL. I will always look back on this season with them and feel so much pride and happiness having work with them. At the bottom of this Twitlonger, for the benefit of the players, I will be writing a bit about each player in case they look for alternate teams/opportunities in the future and want to use this as a reference!”

Jess added:

“As for me in esports… I will still be extremely active in the Rainbow Six Siege scene. I will be spending a few months in Australia focusing full time on content creation (depending on offers). I also have other freelance gigs lined up in regards to Rainbow Six as well. I am open to offers of all kinds around the world, but please know that my plan is to move back to Italy mid 2020 to live with my partner for a bit, so if your offer would limit me seeing my partner or is not in the EU (or could not be done online from the EU), then I *may* not be interested. I will also continue the freelance analysis work for teams and their LANs/qualifiers as I usually do as well. “

You read her tweet below.

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