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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Jess Reveals The Most Underrated Operator In The Game



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Jessica Bolden, known as “Jess,” is a 24-year-old Australian Rainbow Six Siege coach and analyst who had worked for PENTA Esports and Samsung Morning Stars in the past. Currently, she added to the Six Invitational’s talents.

Three days ago, on her official Twitter account, Jess stated the Frost is one of the most underrated operators in the game and she will be more impactful than you think in some scenarios.

Here is what Jess wrote:

“Here’s a discussion point for today:

Frost. I believe on certain maps like Outback where there are many vaultable windows with no rappel option that Frost can be OP, or at the very least waste a lot of utility. Paired with shields etc, I think she is an underrated operator.”

A fan named shbzz replied:

“That’s an interesting point, never thought about it tbh.”

Jess said:

“People’s main argument is “but the mats are so obvious”. I say back “Good! Now they either won’t go there, have to use utility or will die either to it or me as I hold the angle”. Area denial, trap and distraction ALL AT ONCE.”

You can check her tweet below.

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