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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Jess Shares Her Opinion About The New Operators



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Jessica Bolden, known as “Jess” is a 24-year-old Australian Rainbow Six Siege coach who was recently working with Samsung Morning Stars. On 18 December 2019, she decided to leave the team. Before that, she was a member of PENTA Esports.

On 20 December, Jess shares her opinion about the Jager and the new operator: Wamai.

Jess said:

“Since Wamai’s release, I’ve always had a theory that if Jager had of been released AFTER Wamai, we would find him (Jager) MORE powerful for all projectiles other than bolts. I think the only strengths over Jager is the bolt and range of deployment for Wamai’s gadget. Thoughts?”

A fan named Overclocked replied:

“Pretty sure they have the same range btw”

Famous Youtuber Get_Flank replied:

“They do have the same range my guess is that she us referring to the fact that you can throw them like frisbees to deploy them across a room or something.”

G2 Esports coach Sua replied:

“Jäger is clearly better.”

Jess replied:

“I’m not sure if we are biased though because obviously we think at a higher playing level and identify that if the gadgets are droned out they are easy to deal with… I think as a straight Capital counter it’s awesome though.”

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