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Rainbow Six Siege Coach Lycan Explains Why Ying Can’t Be In The Meta Even Though She Is Overpowered



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Justin Woods, known as “Lycan,” is an American Rainbow Six Siege coach who has been working under Spacestation Gaming jersey for over two years. In the last year, he led his team to win three of the most important tournaments in the scene.

Lycan has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about Ying. He stated that even though Ying is so powerful in the game right now, she can’t be picked in the Pro League because of the ’20-Second Meta,’ which means that the rounds end under twenty seconds most of the times.

Here is what Lycan said:

“Ying is actually so strong right now but because the meta is the way it is you cant bring her. We call the meta “The 20-second meta” but the meta is actually due to ops not just laziness. The old ’20SM’ was Mute/Mozzie. The new ’20SM’ is Jager/Wamei. So just like the old meta stopped a lot of teams from bringing Twitch, even though the F2 was nuts.

Ying is being blocked by how much utility there is to get rid of. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t make her work, you can… But you have to sell out to make it work and that makes you very predictable. I’m interested to see what happens when the meta changes again and teams are able to actually use Ying effectively. Honestly, bless Jager/Wamei for now.”

G2 Esports player UUNO replied with humor:

“We brought Ying, Blitz, Dokkaebi, Hibana and IQ on Kafe attack and demolished our opponent, don’t tell me what u cant bring ;)”

Lycan replied:

“First off GGs. 1. You only had 2 attacks. Great Job on defense. 2. They never brought Wamai… So your comment doesn’t really do anything but boost what I’m already saying.”

You can read the tweets below.

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